Must Have Building Safety Products

We all want to be safe, don’t we? That doesn’t matter if you are talking about home or your business. Unfortunately, when talking about a business environment, you are also taking responsibility for the welfare of others. This covers your employees, customers, and suppliers. It is your obligation to ensure that no one comes to within or around your premises.


Because of that health and safety has to be a priority. The only way to do that is to have procedures in place and the right kind of safety equipment.


We at BSP Australia have been supplying building safety products on the Gold Coast since 2004. Because of that, we know what you need to keep your business environment safe for all. 



Building Safety Products

The term building safety products doesn’t just apply to the construction industry, it has a wider application than that. Whatever type of business you are engaged in, you will have to take safety precautions. There are many kinds of building safety products. Some are for personal safety and others are for more general use, such as guiding the public. We all know about hard hats, reflective vests, and goggles, but here are some lesser thought of, but equally useful, products.



Line Marking

Line marking is used to outline parking spaces and to direct or channel pedestrian traffic into safe lanes as well as to direct vehicle traffic safely. It can keep potential accident spots clear, warn people to stay clear of dangerous machines and outline moving machinery lanes.



Speed Bumps

Movable hard rubber speed bumps can be placed wherever moving vehicles might be a potential danger. These slow down traffic and remind drivers to drive at a slow and cautious pace. These are ideal for places where there are high volumes of people and cars.



Floor Sealants

An epoxy coating can be applied to achieve non-slip flooring. It is also stain resistant, scratch resistant, doesn’t absorb fuels or oils. It is long lasting and available in matte or gloss finishes. This has almost no end of applications, from schools to shopping centres and offices. 



Height Bars

These are simple things to denote maximum headroom but will prevent accidents with heavy duty vehicles. Any place that has a high volume of delivery and despatch will find these useful in avoiding harmful damage.



Safety First

Mentioned above are just four of the products that will help your business stay a safe environment, but there are more.

Here at BSP Australia, we will gladly explain all the uses of our building safety products on the Gold Coast. Don’t be shy, use our contact page to get in touch or simply call.