Recessed Entrance Matting


WellMaster is a stylish and functional solution for all recessed matwells. The interlocking system means it can be clipped together and trimmed to create a recessed mat of any size. WellMaster is constructed of tough vinyl ribs to scrape off dirt. Slots between the ribs allow dirt to fall into the matwell. This stops dirt and debris from being trekked into the building. The carpet inserts utilise our super tough ‘polyrib’ matting to ensure moisture is removed from shoes, shopping trolleys or whatever passes over its surface.

The black grid combined with charcoal carpet inserts ensure that dirt and stains are mostly hidden. This allows WellMaster matting to look newer for longer.

Tile size: 450 X 300 X 13mm

Compared to WellMasters Aluminium rivals, it shows several key advantages.

Being constructed of vinyl, WellMaster will always retain its original shape where aluminium matting (once

bent) cannot return to its original form hence creating a trip hazard.

Interlocking tiles means that if a section of WellMaster is damaged, the affected area can usually be unclipped and replaced. This is a much cheaper option than replacing the whole mat.

Supply of WellMaster is usually ex-stock.

Aluminium matting can take up to 3 months to manufacture.

If an Aluminium mat arrives to site and is the wrong size, it cannot be fixed and is rendered useless.

WellMaster can be modified to any size simply by adding or removing tiles.

Wellmaster recessed entry matting is a more economical option – without compromising integrity.

Wellmaster Architectural Matting…. The sensible choice.