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Lockable Storage Solutions

BSP Australia offer a range of custom, lockable storage cages for all industries.

From the family wanting to store old strollers for later use to the business owner wanting to lock away trolleys overnight. Browse our range or give us a call today!

Maximise your parking area and give yourself extra lockable storage area. BSP Australia offer customised mesh car park storage cages so you can safely and securely lock away your belongings. They allow you to declutter your living space whilst not interfering with fire protection systems.


BSP can build cages that span from floor to ceiling allowing you to maximise all available space.

We also fabricate them for commercial and retail applications such as storage areas for shopping trolleys and bicycles.

Lockable Storage Cage - Building Safety Products Brisbane

When you have limited storage space available in your apartment, home, unit or duplex our over bonnet storage cabinets are the perfect way to create a secure and tidy place to store your items. 


By using the wasted space that sits over the bonnet of your car you can create storage space in your basement car space, garage, parking bay, carport, serviced apartments or under the house without losing any parking space.


Our over the bonnet storage cabinets can be used to store household items such as bicycles, BBQ’s, suitcases, golf clubs, sports gear, surfboards, tools, furniture, electrical appliances, books, wine – what you want to store is up to you!

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