BSP Premium Rubber Speed Hump


When designing this speed hump, BSP looked very closely at all other available products and ‘improved on the strengths of these products and eliminated the weaknesses’. It was designed and built to not only meet but ‘to exceed’ Australian Standards.

Designed in Australia for Australian conditions, this hump uses EPDM rubber for the yellows panels which greatly reduces the chance of colour fade.

By molding the 1 metre sections as a single piece, we have been able to reduce the number of fixings required from 8 fixings per metre down to 5. This is a reduction of 18 fixings over a standard 6 metre hump which saves on both installation time and fixings required.

By creating ‘interlocking’ sections, we have distributed ‘the load’ of a vehicle hitting the hump across all the fixings. This increases ‘impact resilience’ and creates better longevity and product integrity.

Using BSP ‘Whisper Tech’, this speed hump is silent when being driven over. Perfect for multi-deck carparks and residential areas.

Height: 50mm

Depth (front to back): 350mm

Length: Available in 1000mm & 500mm sections. Endcaps 170mm

Fixings for both Bitumen or Concrete available. Please specify when ordering.

* Complies with Australian Standards.

** Uses recycled rubber.