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Bollards are a common sight in every street, and if you are thinking about installing some around your commercial property, then you may want to know more about the installation process.


For property owners looking at bollards in Brisbane or surrounding areas, BSP Australia can offer you some good advice about what we do to install bollards, and what you can do to make sure that you get yours fitted correctly so that they last a long time. Give us a call today or keep reading!

Our range of fixed galvanised bollards have been specially designed to suit a wide range of areas and buildings.


These bollards can be put into the ground or on a baseplate. All of these bollards are zinc-coated to ensure they don’t wear over time, and they are all coated in bright yellow paint so that they are incredibly visible.


We have two sizes of fixed galvanised bollard, 90mm and 115mm. Our 115mm bollards are an ideal size if you’re looking for extra protection and they are particularly popular in car parks and warehouses.

Available in either stainless steel as images show, ‘Safety yellow’ for high-traffic areas or other colours on request.

Our stainless steel bollards come in a variety of sizes and we can custom make them to suit your needs. These bollards are a more attractive option than the other two options on this list, making them perfect for pedestrian and vehicle segregation. Although they are a popular option due to their appearance, these bollards still provide a high level of security.

Available in either 302 or 316 grade, alike the fixed galvanised bollards, the stainless steel bollards are also available in-ground or installed via baseplate.

BSP Australia can make custom bollards if you’re in need of a particular size or colour or for quick-return, we have a wide range of stock ready to go.

If you have an area that requires high security but you also need regular access to it, our locking and removable bollards are the perfect option for you. These bollards have a steel sleeve that is concreted into the ground for maximum security, and all are galvanised with zinc to ensure they last.


This is one of our best options in terms of security. The bollard would have to be completely cut and destroyed before it could be removed to allow for access, meaning that your property will remain secure for years to come.


With multiple safety & catch systems implemented into the bollards to avoid tampering & stealing, the only way to remove them without the key is to cut them open completely and destroy them.

How Are Bollards Installed?

Inspecting The Placement

  • To make sure that your bollards are installed correctly, you need to make sure that the placement is correct. You need to think about what your aim is. Perhaps to stop people driving over the edge of your property, or to prevent them from parking in your spaces.


What Are You Protecting?

  • Next, you should look at what you intend to protect with the bollards, whether it is your part of the pavement, an empty space by your shop, or a spot near to your home. If you want to use these spaces from time to time, removable bollards might be best. However, for a long-term resolution, BSP Australia would recommend that you choose fixed bollards which are embedded into concrete.


Fitting Fixed Bollards

  • To make the most out of your bollards, you need to firstly clear a space around the area where the bollard will go. Unlike retractable bollards, you won’t have to make a hole in the ground. Instead, the fixed posts can be installed straight onto your surface. However, unless it is fitted correctly, it might be vulnerable to tampering.


Fitting On Uneven Ground

  • The worst problem comes when BSP Australia fit bollards into ground which is uneven. This means that the bollards are positioned at a slight incline. If you attempt to install the bollards, this could be a disadvantage, but we can use professional redress techniques to make sure that the bollard is fitted correctly. We may even pour some new concrete to create a more even surface.

Get Professional Help

If you want to install bollards on your Brisbane property, then your best option is to do so with the help of the BSP Australia team. Our professional installers can make sure that your bollards are positioned correctly, and fixed securely to the ground so that there is no chance of drivers entering that space again.


To find out more about our building safety products or servicesleave a message with us today or call us on 07 5549 1055 now.