Fixed Galvanised Bollards


BSP’s range of galvanised fixed bollards is designed to suit a range of applications and environments. They are offered as either an inground solution or an onto ground (baseplate) solution.

We Zinc coat all our steel bollards. They come standard in ‘Safety Yellow’ powder coat for increased visibility and awareness. Other colours are available on request.

Our 115mm diameter bollards offer a little more protection than the standard 90mm other firms offer. Not only are they physically stronger but the added girth makes them look stronger. These acts as added deterrent to thieves and ram raiders. This size is very common in car parks and general factory/warehouse applications. They are equally as popular with Fire Hose Reel protection.

The larger bollard is 165mm diameter bollards. Built for heavy use, they conform to the MUTCD for off street parking (for use with PWD parking). These heavy duty bollards are also popular in warehouses, loading docks, Service Stations, bus depots and the likes.