BSP Speed Cushion


BSP Speed Cushion is designed in accordance with Australia Standard AS2890.1.

It is for use in areas where larger vehicles (trucks / vans) may be carrying ‘sensitive freight’ but need to be kept at low speeds. This is achieved by having a wider span on the hump (front to back) therefore reducing the ramp angle. This in turn reduces the impact the vehicle has on the hump making it a softer but effective solution. Speed Cushion is often found in areas such as delivery docks or where both cars and trucks commute together.

Each section is ‘interlocking’ which distributes ‘the load’ of a vehicle hitting the hump across all the fixings. This increases ‘impact resilience’ and creates better longevity and product integrity.

Using BSP ‘Whisper Tech’, this speed hump is silent when being driven over.

Height: 50mm

Depth (front to back): 900mm

Length: Available in 500mm sections. Endcaps 270mm

Fixings for both Bitumen or Concrete available. Please specify when ordering.

* Complies with Australian Standards.

** Uses recycled rubber.