Stair Nosing


If you’ve never heard of stair nosing, you’ve come to the right place. Understanding what goes into a new build or a renovation ensures that you get exactly what you want and need in your house, especially if you have a staircase. Stair nosing is an important (and often a mandatory) feature to all stairs. BSP offer a range of types to cover all needs and budgets.

BSP Australia is here to help you learn about stair nosing and why it might be a necessary choice in your property. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about stair nosing in Brisbane.


What is Stair Nosing?

The stair nosing is the portion of each tread (step) where the most foot traffic occurs. It’s generally the edge of the tread where your foot lands as you go up or down the steps. In homes and business, it’s important to pay attention to stair nosing for safety reasons. We can help you determine which kind of stair nosing might be best for your needs.


What Kinds of Stair Nosing Are There?

You have several options when it comes to stair nosing. For businesses, aluminium stair nosing provides the safety you need and meets building codes and standards in Australia. You might also choose painted stair nosing, which also complies with Australian standards and provides a non-slip grip on the edge of each stair. In homes, you can choose other styles of nosing to match your decor.


Aluminium Stair Nosing

    • If we are talking formal entries, our extruded aluminium nosing is the answer. Fully compliant with Australian standards, it is available with either a Carborundum insert (premium) or an adhesive anti-slip tape insert for the more budget conscious. Insert colours are either black or yellow.


Painted Stair Nosing

    • For fire stairs or back of house, our painted stair nosing complies with all relevant Australian standards and slip ratings. With crushed quartz embedded in the paint, this offers a durable, cost effective solution.


Why is Stair Nosing Necessary?

The main reason to use stair nosing is for safety reasons. With the right kind of nosing in place, the stairs instantly become safer, both for going up and going down. It provides a solid surface for stepping on that helps prevent slips and falls when using the steps. It’s also a good way to help people see where the stairs start and stop so that a step isn’t missed when going up or down. This is really important in public buildings, such as schools and hospitals, but is also something to take into consideration in your home.


How to Choose Stair Nosing

The most important thing is to choose stair nosing that is the same shape as the step for safety reasons. Another thing to keep in mind is appearance – you want the nosing to do its job, while also looking as nice as possible. Material and cost are other factors you think about when you choose stair nosing for your property.


If you need more help with stair nosing in Brisbanecall BSP Australia today or contact us using our online enquiry form.