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Quality Epoxy Floors

BSP Australia provide epoxy flooring Gold Coast & Brisbane businesses can rely on when they want safe, highly durable flooring that’s ideal for an industrial environment.

We offer customised flooring solutions for all industry sectors, tailoring our recommendations to suit your specific business. With years of experience in providing businesses with a range of safety products, we are proud of our reputation for expert, professional answers.

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

At its most basic, epoxy flooring is a mixture of two complex chemical compounds: chemical hardeners; and polymer resins. The two compounds react together to give a third compound: the ultra-durable epoxy flooring.

Types of epoxy flooring

There are a variety of different epoxy floorings, each of which has its own pros and cons. We are happy to come up with a recommendation that’s going to be right for your particular project.

Self-levelling Epoxy

  • Ideal for old floors that have become pitted, cracked or warped over the years, self-levelling epoxy levels the floor surface, creating a smooth, even look.
  • Available in a range of colours, it’s ideal for industrial environments.
  • Epoxy mortar

  • This is an epoxy resin that’s been mixed with quartz sand.
  • This is probably the toughest type of epoxy flooring on the market.
  • It’s particularly resistant to chemical spills, which is why it’s so popular in industry.
  • Epoxy floors with quartz or flakes

    • Various additions can be made to the epoxy compound, depending on the characteristics the flooring needs to display.
    • For example, coloured flakes can add visual interest.

    Anti-static epoxy floors

    • Anti-Static epoxy floors contain a conductor that prevents the build-up of static electricity in the room.
    • Frequently used in environments where fire is a risk, anti-static epoxy reduces the risk of an unwanted spark.

    What are the advantages of epoxy flooring?

    Enormously Durable

    • Able to deal with heavy traffic for years on end, epoxy flooring is probably the toughest flooring on the market.

    Easy To Apply & Fast Drying

    •  Where downtime means reduced profitability, it’s vital that any floor coating is quick to apply and has a short curing time.
    • Epoxy ticks both boxes: modern epoxies can often be applied and cure within 24-hours.

    Customisable To The Needs Of The Business

    • Epoxy additives provide the opportunity to create tailored surfaces that are specifically geared to work for your organisation.

    • Whether you need visually appealing epoxy, epoxy that works well in a harsh environment or a combination of these attributes, epoxy can be tailored to suit.

    Why use BSP Australia for your next epoxy flooring project?

    We offer a complete solution to your flooring project, creating a customised solution that’s flawlessly executed. BSP Australia are recognised as leading safety experts. With a wealth of knowledge and experience on safety matters, we’re ideally placed to come up with the epoxy flooring Gold Coast businesses need to deliver a good ROI.

    Our company understands the challenges and constraints of the industrial environment. This allows us to offer solutions that are practical and budget-friendly. Please, give the team at BSP Australia a call today!

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