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new speed bumps installed in Springfield carpark

Since 2004, BSP Australia has been the market leader in providing ‘the right solution’ to Australian businesses and industry.


‘Solution’ is the key word. We don’t sell products, we provide solutions. As a principal importer & manufacturer, BSP will not be outdone on quality, price or service.


Building Safety Products Australia designs, sources and manufactures products that are engineered for longevity and practicality.


Specialising in physical building safety, carpark fit-out and refurbishment, BSP Australia only supplies premium safety products that exceed Australian and international standards every time.

Construction Industry

Building Safety Products Brisbane & Gold Coast

Contracts administrators, project and site managers see the benefit of having BSP Australia on board. We offer ‘the full package’ which means 1 order, 1 invoice. There is one project manager running the job and coordinating works.

We have control of our part at all times meaning we deliver on time and on budget.
Flexibility to adjust as required is assisted when we are programming each sector of works. Things don’t always go to plan on site.

Dealing with one subcontractor (BSP) is much easier and more efficient than having contractors on site tripping over each other. Choose BSP today!

Sports / Recreational facilities

Building Safety Products Gold Coast & Brisbane

Carpark line marking, signage, pedestrian walkways, court and field marking are all ways to lift the appearance of your facility.


Sport, exercise and leisure are all competitive industries and you need the edge. Appearance and safety is everything to your clients so give them a place where they choose to train. BSP Australia are experts!


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Civil Industry

Building Safety Products Brisbane & Gold Coast

Once the surface is laid, BSP offer a full carpark Fit-out package. We supply the products and services generally lumped into the civil package.

Line marking, wheel stops, speed humps, bollards and the likes are frequently given to civil contractors.

BSP Australia work with the civil contractors to complete all finishing works. Not only that, BSP will ALWAYS go the extra mile to meet your deadlines! Get started with BSP today!

Retail Industry

Building Safety Products Brisbane & Gold Coast

Asset protection, customer safety and appearance are three things that fall high on the priority list when it comes to retail. BSP offer a range of solutions when it comes to safety and security of pedestrians, drivers and passengers.

We have a range of bollards, Line marking, Anti slip or trip and more! Not to mention, Tactile Indicators which are imperative for assisting those with disabilities.

Browse our range of Building safety products or call us for expert advice!

Industrial Industry

Building Safety Products Gold Coast & Brisbane

Vehicle & Person separation!!! BSP offers visual solutions such as line marking, signage, covex mirrors as well as physical solutions like bollards, guardrails, fencing and gates.


We can work with you to provide a traffic management plan that will keep people safe and productivity flowing.


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Commercial Industry

Building Safety Products Gold Coast & Brisbane

Line marking, signage and barriers are all integral in keeping people safe. Anywhere shared by vehicles and people is considered ‘high risk’.


BSP Australia is your first line defence when reducing incidents or harm. We can assist in developing a traffic management plan to reduce risk but not compromise productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons why BSP Australia should be your number one choice for the importing, manufacturing, and provision of products and services.  

Whether you work in commercial or construction, we’re confident that we can expertly meet your unique sector demands. All of our products are ordered or made with you in mind, and no two of our solutions are the same; we reflect YOUR needs. 

Not only this but, working with us ensures swift communication, consistent project management, and more.

We take pride in providing reputable solutions for as many industries across Australia as possible. If you work in the civil, industrial, commercial, or recreational sectors, we can provide a range of cost-effective and bespoke solutions for your needs.

We also provide comprehensive solutions for the construction and retail sectors should you require enhanced customer and worker safety measures.

We often refer to our services as solutions because the BSP Australia team goes above and beyond to ensure that your needs are perfectly met. If you have a problem, be it weak security, lack of traffic management, or safety risk for your customers, we strive to provide the answers to that problem. 

Whether it’s something minor or an issue far more complex, trust in our exceptional products and cost-effective prices to solve your troubles.

We do! If you’re interested in the services that BSP Australia has to offer, you can arrange for a member of our team to come out and visit your Brisbane or Gold Coast premises. 

Get in touch with us using any of the usual methods, including by phone on (07) 5549 1055 or by emailing

We’ll perform a full assessment to ensure we can meet your needs down to the letter.

Before we embark on any project with you, we’ll consult with you to discuss your requirements, including any bespoke products that may require a special order being placed.  

Our solutions can also be end to end, meaning we’ll provide a sole site manager to oversee the entire process to ensure it meets our high standards of work and your own expectations. 

We’re confident we can accommodate your needs!

Whether you work in retail or sports and recreation, we’ll never assign a member of staff that isn’t familiar with the ins and outs of your sector. 

All of the team here at BSP Australia can provide detailed logistical and technical advice suitable for your project, as well as ensuring full compliance is kept at all times. 

If you need a product recommendation, we can also help you out there! Contact us today if you’d like to speak to someone from our company.

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