What Can & Can’t Be Pressure Washed?

Pressure washing (Otherwise known as pressure cleaning) is a great solution for Australian businesses that are looking to remove advanced debris, dirt, and grime from their buildings surfaces. A pressure washer uses high-pressure force at a regular temperature to remove the most unwanted stains.


However, the force used means that it is not suitable for all commercial and industrial settings. As always, we at BSP Australia are here to provide you with the solutions you need, with our short guide on what you can and can’t pressure wash.


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What Can You Pressure Wash?


  • Sidewalk concrete is tough to remove stains from, thanks to its porous and absorbable concrete surface. However, a pressure washer packs a punch with tough surfaces such as sidewalks, with its targeted force allowing you to remove any signs of weathering or discolouration.



  • If you’re a commercial business, such as a hotel or store, clean and appealing exteriority is an important factor to drive in customers or clients. Decking is a hard surface to work with given that it often comprises different materials, including hardwood and composite.

  • Pressure washing composite decking has its difficulties, as too much pressure caused by having the nozzle too close to the deck, or too much force in general, can etch and scratch the surface more easily. So, whilst it is safe to pressure wash your decking, it is important to be aware of the material you are working with.

Tiled Roofs

  • Pressure washing is great for tile roofing as it can easily clean little surface nooks that are hard to do manually. An extendable pressure washer will allow you to reach areas that simply cannot be cleaned by hand, and therefore allows your business to keep a dazzling storefront in every way possible.

What Can't You Pressure Wash?


  • Do not pressure wash paint that you wish to keep on your walls. The pressure involved will easily chip away at the paint on almost any surface, and therefore provides extra problems and expense.

  • Also, you should never use a pressure washer to remove lead paint, as the health risks involved in the improper containment of lead paint is dangerous and it should, therefore, be professionally removed.


Old Mortar Brick

  • Old mortar cannot withstand the force applied by a pressure washer in most instances. This is because mortar consists of sedimentary elements that can easily be washed away with force. Turn to gentler methods when it comes to washing old mortar brick, especially if your business already has a loose or old structure.


Air Conditioning or Electrical Appliances

  • Whilst this may seem obvious, it is often an easy one to forget when it comes to cleaning a concrete wall that has an attached air conditioning box or electrical system attached to it. When pressure washed, an air conditioner will restrict airflow and damage the unit’s productivity.

  • Similarly, pressure washing electrical appliances can cause obvious safety issues. You should also be careful when washing walls that house electricity.

If you require a more comprehensive list of what can and can’t be pressure washed or would like more information regarding how to best conduct business cleaning in a safe and prompt manner, then contact us at BSP Australia via our online enquiry form or call (07) 5549 1055.