Wheel Stops Brisbane & Gold Coast

Rubber Wheel Stops

Dispel all the rumors. BSP Rubber Wheel stops are stronger, more durable, lighter, cheaper and much more resilient than the concrete alternative. Why? Because it is in our specially formulated mix of rubbers. They have an element of give which in turn provides impact absorption and resistance.


When being used (and not abused), BSP Wheel stops:

Will not crack.

Will not break down.

Will not have the yellow panels dislodge or fall off.


Years of experience (yes we have made some mistakes) has taught us what is required to stand up to Australian conditions.


Height: 100mm 

Depth (front to back): 160mm    

Length: 1650mm         

Fixings for both Bitumen or Concrete available. Please specify when ordering.

* Complies with Australian Standards.** Uses recycled rubber.

Wheel Stops Brisbane & Gold Coast