Privacy Screens & Aluminium Facades


There are a number of reasons why you may be considering a privacy screen, whether you have nosey neighbours, an overlooked balcony or an unsightly water tank to cover up. If you need extra privacy in your home or yard, our privacy screens & aluminium facades are the perfect solution. BSP Australia has been providing high-quality and long-lasting safety products for decades and we can work with you to find the best solution to give your home that sense of privacy we all need.


At BSP, all of our team members are fully trained, qualified and insured so you can relax and enjoy your new private space in peace. We provide a range of aluminium facades and privacy screens to homes and businesses in South East Queensland and the surrounding areas, and we are proud of our reputation for excellent service and top-quality work.



Added Privacy With Privacy Screens

Another great benefit of privacy screens is the extra safety and peace of mind you have by knowing your yard is hidden from view. 


You don’t have to worry about leaving garden furniture out or tidying up, and any valuables you might be using outdoors won’t be visible because of your new screen. We know that not every apartment is going to have a stunning view, and our stylish aluminium privacy screens look great and last for years. If you love entertaining outdoors but you’re worried about the weather, a privacy screen can also protect you and your guests from the elements too! 


At BSP Australia, we pride ourselves on our high-quality privacy screens and we are dedicated to finding the right solution for you. All of our premium privacy screens are manufactured to the very highest standards, providing a safe and secure solution for many years to come. If you are looking to add some privacy to your property with a screen, there are a number of options available to you, including:

  • Perforated screens
  • Non-climb privacy screens
  • Stainless steel privacy screens
  • Aluminium screens
  • Adjustable privacy panels



Private Outdoor Living

Outdoor living is a huge part of our culture in Australia, but if you have limited space, it can be hard to find a way to relax with neighbours all around. Our privacy screens are the ideal solution, providing you with an effective, durable and stylish way to give yourself some space which is just yours. 


At BSP Australia, we believe in finding the right solution for you, so we can make a privacy screen to your exact specifications or you can choose from our stylish and affordable range. Privacy screens can be installed in any home, business or garden, and our expert team can complete the whole process quickly and conveniently.


Whether you want a privacy screen for safety, security or aesthetic reasons, we have a range of versatile options. Talk to our experienced team to see which type of privacy screen is right for you, and which of our products best suits your requirements.



Custom Made Privacy Screens

If your property has an unusual layout or you have a space that you need to cover up with an aluminium screen, at BSP Australia we can design and manufacture a bespoke solution for your home or business. We have a wide range of designs, from abstract patterns to geometric designs and nature-inspired botanical designs. We can design and create a privacy screen that enhances and upgrades your environment, with a range of colours and finishes to get the exact look you want.


Our premium privacy screens are manufactured to the very highest standards, ensuring your home is safe and secure from prying eyes and unwanted visitors. We can create a bespoke privacy screen option that perfectly captures the feel of your space, from a traditional Australian patterned design to a wave design privacy screen inspired by the ocean.



Commercial Privacy Screens

From luxury spas to sports clubs and offices, privacy screens provide an innovative and high-quality solution for businesses looking to further secure and enhance their outdoor areas. Our premium Australian privacy screens can be used to demarcate space, encourage wayfinding and create private areas where guests can relax. If you have a business with a backstage, off-limits or members-only area, a privacy screen can offer that extra sense of exclusivity without compromising the aesthetics of your space.



Aluminium Facades

An aluminium facade is a stylish and modern solution, which is surprisingly cost-effective and perfect for blocking out unwanted distractions. Aluminium is the ideal material for your home because it’s such a durable and strong material that it will continue to look as good as the day it was installed for many years. Our aluminium facades are stylish, resistant to corrosion and easy to maintain and keep clean.




How long does it take to install a privacy screen?

  • In most cases, our professional team can complete your project in a few weeks, from initial design through to manufacture and installation. We also have standard-sized privacy screens in stock which can take less than a day to install.


What is the best material for privacy screens?

  • For a lightweight and professional look, an aluminium privacy screen is a great choice that will last for many years. We can also create privacy screens out of natural materials, stainless steel and high-strength Corten steel.


Why install a privacy screen?

  • A privacy screen can be used as both a decorative design feature and a practical privacy solution, and more and more homes and apartment buildings are utilising this attractive option. Unlike solid panels or curtains, a privacy screen still lets light in, making sure your space is bright and airy.