Line Marking Brisbane & Gold Coast

Qualified Line Marking Service

If you are looking for quality linemarking company than look no further. Our fully trained crews offer a full service all-inclusive option from line removal to set out painting and clean up on  completion. Yes…. We are the guys who take a little extra time to ensure the job is done right. Using the latest Grayco equipment, we offer line marking in the following medias:
  • Water based
  • Solvent based (Chlorinated rubber)
  • Preformed Thermoplastic

Our expertise and portfolio includes (but is certainly not limited to: New construction, warehouses, car parks, retail and shopping centres, service stations and playgrounds. Roadways, bike lanes and new estates are no problem. All our work complies with both Australian Standards and the MUTCD.

Our ‘Double Anti-slip’ process means increased longevity for your paint when it comes to slip hazards.

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Qualified Line Removal Service

Old flakey line marking is unsightly and detracts from the entire premise. BSP have user friendly ways of removing lines with little impact to the surface and no impact to the environment.


Concrete surfaces – BSP can remove redundant line marking completely by grinding the line away completely. All debris if collected using a separator and a vacuum. The ground concrete allows for excellent adhesion of the new line marking to the concrete surface.


Bitumen surfaces – BSP use ‘Hydrablasting’ technology to remove the line entirely. This is by far the neatest, most effective way to remove line paint. The results are fantastic. All debris is collected and removed from site leaving a clean clear surface to remark.

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