How Line Marking Can Save Your Business Money

If you have a business that has a high volume of traffic, both pedestrian and vehicle, one priority is safety. You have to make sure that your customers, suppliers, or employees, and even passers-by, don’t come to any harm.  Of course, this depends on the nature of your business. It may be within the physical boundaries that your business covers or something that is more open to the public. Each has its particular challenges.


At BSP Australia, we provide top quality building safety products and services in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Northern Rivers and everywhere in between.


High Quality Building Safety Products

Safety First!

  • The prime reason for safety laws and guidelines is to safeguard the public. That said, they also cover the protection of goods and property. In some cases, damage to property can also result in harm to people. Ignoring safety precautions could lay you open to liability and prosecution. That is why such a simple thing as line marking could save you money.


  • Line marking is used to warn or direct people and vehicles. An obvious example is car parking. Markings on the ground indicate where to park or where not to park. They make sure that cars are parked in an orderly fashion. They guide drivers and passengers to where it is safe to walk and also direct the correct flow of vehicle traffic. Marking out spaces means you maximise the space available.


  • Line marking can be a successful method for reducing the risk of accidents and potential compensation claims:
    • In places like warehouses line marking can designate forklift lanes or warn vehicles and other moving machinery against getting too close to stacked shelving. Again, they can show safe walking lanes for workers or customers.  


    • In large commercial shopping centres line marking can mark off exclusion zones or nooks and crannies where adventurous children might explore. They can indicate the correct emergency exit directions. They can be used as directions to parking, lifts or designated play, wheelchair areas or parking spaces.


    • In manufacturing and factories in general, where machinery is in constant use, line marking can warn against getting too close to working machines, keep loading bays clear and provide safe lanes when moving goods.


Other Building Safety Products Available

Line marking has many uses and in conjunction with other types of safety fixtures such as, bollards, mirrors, speed humps, can help the area that you are responsible for safe from accidents and other mishaps.


BSP Australia has been in the safety business since 2004, not only line marking in Brisbane. We have many more products and services to offer besides line marking in Brisbane.  If you are thinking of safety first, call us on 07 5549 1055 for more information.