Aluminium Facades Gold Coast

An aluminium facade can provide a high-quality, architectural finish to any construction project. Whether it’s for a home renovation, a new commercial premises or any retail, sporting or industrial construction project, aluminium cladding is a great choice.

Based on two pre-coated aluminium skins and a fire-resistant or fireproof core, BSP Australia can customise these aluminium panels into a wide variety of shapes and sizes to create a design that will differentiate your project from similar buildings with other coatings.

Aluminium comes in a variety of colours and is highly desirable for use as cladding for external walls, façades, architectural features, and signboards because it is waterproof and has insulating qualities. Our panels can also be custom-fabricated to fit any design specification or building.

Benefits include:
  • Multiple colours and designs to choose from
  • No corrosion
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easily replaced if damaged

Why Choose Our Aluminium Facades?

Aluminium is one of the best metals for creating a real design feature and will set your home or building apart from the crowd. As a result of its non-corrosive properties, it will last for many years to come as well.

Compared with steel, it has a much lighter weight and puts less pressure on the building that it is attached to. Additionally, it can be handled and installed more easily.

Buildings in Australia and New Zealand are subject to many harsh conditions, so when they are designed and built for the local environment, it is essential that their structures and facades are robust enough to withstand the elements.

No matter how they are fabricated, aluminium facades can provide a strong and protective barrier against rain, wind, and fire. Aside from their strength, they also provide practicality and aesthetics.

Compared to traditional wood and concrete structures, aluminium offers a much more modern look and style. Thanks to aluminium’s versatility, designs thought impossible years ago are now becoming reality.

Designed For Longevity

Aluminised cladding is an excellent choice for any new construction or recladding of existing buildings.


Our aluminium products are an excellent choice for architects, designers, developers, builders and contractors due to their non-combustible nature, low maintenance requirements and high degree of safety and durability.


The non-combustible nature of BSP Australia’s panels also makes them the perfect choice for use in harsh Australian conditions given their AS1530.1 compliance.

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